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Critical Problems
Solved With The
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Critical Problems Solved With The Impactivation Standard***

Impsyz is our Business Excellence platform for B2B Services. Using Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Block Chain and our Impactivation Methodology to develop Corporate and Certified Sustainability Solutions by avoiding adverse consequences and innovating profitable solutions.

Impactivation is our Sustainability Methodology with Impact Metrics coined SIP or Sustainable Impact Points, to calculate predictability for all 17 Sustainability Goals and Governance. Impactivation is implemented on the IMPSYZ B2B platform to promote use of sustainable strategies in decision-making, adding value-metrics and boosting results with one dynamic and sustainable system.

The Problem


The 2020 Solution

Solving the climate riddle using Finance Technology, for responsible decision-making now

Impactivation is a paradigm shift between Economic Development and Net Zero Carbon Climate Control, foremost a decision-making system with an assessment, solution, and consequence dashboard.

Impactivation is the missing link between analytic sustainability and complex decision-making across the finance industry, invest projects, industrial production, and corporate operations.

Impactivation not only predicts economic, environmental, and social results, we transform data into Sustainable Impact Points – SIP and measure results to help you sustain your profitable, responsible, and evolving business.


Impactivation is a Corporate Sustainability and Management System

Impactivation is a disruptive innovation of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Business Intelligence and Finance Technology formed within a multi-storage robust and connected construction using the Impactivation Standard as a framework for our Business Strategy.

The Impactivation Methodology is also part of the platforms Business Intelligence and, consequently, operating to form optimal results for your SDG, ESG and Impacts investments by limiting risk and boost your sustainability scores with predictive analytics.

The Impactivation System is implemented to our Analytic Sustainability Dashboard where consults, advisors, coaches and corporate leaders can examine and simulate predictive consequences during a decision-making process and address the sustainability-based clarifications you are exploring, limiting the risk of damage before any activity is authorised.

Today, companies across the globe are using business analytics to find trends in behaviour and asset longevity. We designed Impactivation to perform rigorous assessments of big data to safeguard your transactions; finance professionals can confidently engage with executives and business leaders – to not only find insightful solutions but exceed in long-term value invention beyond the board.

Impactivation applies to every business


The Product  

  • Impactivation is an unrivalled and revolutionary Impact certification and accreditation process that helps businesses, corporates, NGO’s, and Governments to accurately and effectively manage their Impact to reduce, avoid and prevent risk, secure growth and profitability, improve credibility and promote sustainability. 
  • Using the latest AI / Blockchain technology, Impactivation can accurately assess, track, and rank the economic, environmental, social, and technological impact of a project, investment, or business against the United Nation’s 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDG’s). 
  • Impactivation Supports a global network of third-party assessors trained and educated by the Sustainability & Impact Economic Academy (The SIE Impact Academy) and emphasis on supplying solutions from measurable and sustainable results. 

Here Is How Our 2020 Impact System will Solve todays’ Problems

Solving the 2020 problems

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is a radically changing business; it extracts real value from big data to find new business opportunities, supply better customer service, and massively improve productivity.
  • IBM Lacer Servers in a Cloud Computing and Storage concept; saving 73% energy use, work tree times faster, store seven times more data, reduces your Black Footprint with over 70% related to using and storing data on your computers and servers. 
  • Carbon-Tax positive technology for users and customers.
  • Net Zero Carbon compliant with added Sustainability Certification
  • Global B2B Experts Network in all industries, disciplines, and sectors
  • A discrete virtual workspace for product development, which comes along with a learning decision support system “The Impactivation Laboratory”
  • Access to predictive analytics and simulations, machine learning (AI), and decentralised 3D industrial production
  • A Sustainability Certification system for SDG, EHS and ESG qualification
  • SDG and ESG Ranking with Sustainability Standard for corporate assessments
  • An SDG and ESG Finance Platform for project pitching, funding, growth & management
  • A trading service that offers a safe supply-chain and qualified Blockchain-based Escrow Service, payment solution, invoicing, bookkeeping and logistics
  • A Sustainability & Impact Economic Academy supplying consultations regarding funding, development, production, management, and environmental sustainability
  • Business Impact Certification for credibility and equity building, implementing the Impactivation Standard to stand the scrutiny
  • A Global Impact Forum for Finance, Industry 4.0 Innovation, IP Protection & Cyber Security all on one platform
  • Cyber-Robotic Intelligence Forum, Cyber Crime prevention & Technology

Impactivation Partner Program

You can bring your business up to date simply by; becoming an IPP Member with full access to the Impactivation business platform, where technology is driving the research, consult, advisor and management industry. Our systems will help shape your business, forming your vision into a global sustainable organisation.


How you ensure your customers their decisions are “Sustainable”

To ensure a positive outcome from your Sustainability Equation, we are using the Impactivation Methodology and algorithm on an AI and Blockchain-based technology platform used to quantify and simulate results from the equation and compare them against the sustainability equilibrium you are searching.

Your first results can further adjust and amplify within the Impactivation Simulator and improving until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Every Sustainable Equilibrium is case sensitive and will vary. You can never achieve measured and certified sustainability unless every Sustainability Goal in your project and decision-making process is part of the value-based equation.

When automatic or third-party approved the Impactivation platform issue you with a QR-coded Sustainability Certificate as direct evidence, controllable when added to products, leaflets, website and on social media. Consumers and customer can easily control your products and sustainable supplier status with a simple click.

When playing, move your cursor to hide/show the play bar.

Impactivation analytics deliver political, corporate, organisational, predictable, risk assessed, profitable, technological, operational, measurable, and certified Sustainability for every SDG, ESH, PRI and ESG invest project.

Impactivation is not another “green buzzwords” but a tangible solution for every service, technology, land-use, aid, conservation, production, and industry project to transparently achieve and show undeniable metric sustainability.

What Impactivation does for your company

The aim is to protect you from the consequences of making a wrong decision or mistakes made by your executives and give you a management tool in hand to stop the decision-making process before it becomes an expensive activity and action damaging to your brand value.

By using the Impactivation Methodology to achieve measurable and accountable sustainability, you will avoid negative implications from ideas, innovations, plans, strategies, and decisions not yet activated. Impactivation also looks to improve the economic outcome of your management systems and innovative technologies to increases productivity, eco-efficiency while safeguarding your sustainability certification.

Your Team will assess all results from the equation during the whole process by using the Impactivation Methodology, with safely guiding you avoid ending outside the parameters for sustainability by providing technical, operational and innovative advice until you have developed a profitable and certified sustainability project.

Our virtual client, Autopart Ltd, decided to produce eco-friendly and recyclable spare-parts for the automotive industry. Several time-consuming with costly risk and impact assessments demanded. Autopart suggest using the Impactivation Standard to prove Sustainability on all levels, approved by the City Council.

Click on Image for video – “How we make sustainability work”

Focus on Corporate Sustainability

One significant problem today is the increasing Climate Chaos; others are ignorance, lack of education and health systems, corruption, poverty, inequality, trafficking, and cybercrime; for Impactivation and our members, these are business opportunities.

By implementing the Impactivation dashboard using the Impactivation Simulator to analyses the market and following opportunities evolve, we use the sustainability-process to stimulate innovative solutions and protect all developed values within the equation.

We know how to make Corporate Sustainability work and improve your operations by avoiding adverse impacts and prevent negative consequences. We secure your profitable decision-making by delivering positive results now and in the future, for the better of nature, human society, and business.

Become an Impactivation Business Partner, open your Impactivation Dashboard and begin your holistic transformation, the world is changing your business activities but now with you in command.



The Impactivation Methodology

Impactivation equation consists of
5 SDG Groups
22 SDG Sections
864 SDG Factors

Sustainability – or balanced economic viability, or sustainable equilibrium also coined Impactivation all hold the same meaning: An ethical balance within and between natural and ecological values, with human and social values and with economic and financial benefits in a long-term and responsible symbiosis with the man.

You are either sustainable or not. You have a Certification with QR Code, or not?

IMPACTIVATION 5-level structure: Environmental, Social, Governance, Technology & Economical

Divided into SIP 
Sections. Different scores, example for visualisation
Divided into SIP Sections. Different scores, example for visualisation

The SIE Business Academy

The SIE Academy takes a constructive approach on ESG, SDG and Responsible Finance, acknowledging the fact that techniques and technologies to encounter today’s environmental and scarcity problems are at hand. By teaching the Impactivation Methodology and Standard, our students will learn System Thinking. They will hold the knowledge of thinking sustainable solutions in all they do; this professional quality and expertise are essential for tomorrows leaders. 

Students will learn to think and act under stress. How to rapidly assess data with the new way of thinking they can now avoid and prevent adverse impacts from their decisions as they have already profiled consequences and results over Impactivations five pillars.

Everyone with Impactivation knowledge will hold the solutions for tomorrows responsible and accountable business as they will advice in politics and finance follow the same system using the same methodology and logic.

Impactivation Systems Limited develops the SIE Academy (Sustainability & Impact Economic Academy) as a modern platform of ethical, cultural and socio-economic values on a solid base. A Framework for the Impactivation Methodology covering responsible business economics and impact finance in a broader Sustainability perspective.

“When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind.”

-The British physicist, Lord Kelvin

Read more, SIE course program, pdf->

How you show proof of Sustainability

When you’re passed the SIE Impact Academy education or your project is approved a report will be issued, this report will be case-sensitive and can/will further contain a third-party verification and a blockchain safeguarding system and finally, the Impactivation approved audit will give you a QR-coded Sustainability Certificate proving your credibility.

The Sustainable Project Certificate is for your business and your customer’s projects, the Impactivation Management will work with you in a B2B agreement and as a professional organisation or Impactivation Advisor.  The Sustainability Diploma is proving your organisation is using the Impactivation Standard as a Certified Impsyz Partner, and your services Sustainability Approved.


The Sustainability Marketplace for subscribed services

Today’s Sustainability Consult market will pass $1 Billion in 2020 while the demand for Management Consulting only between the worlds “Big Ten” will pass $ 1,76 Trillion, there is a growing climate change “concern” with a need for adaptation and a “transition” to a low carbon market. Alternatively, with structured transformation, today’s 7% yearly growth could add another ten till 15% because of the $5-7 Trillion in yearly investments needed making sustainability work delivering 17 SDG targets by 2030 with one cost-efficient system only.

The “New Economic Sustainability Market” will accelerate to become the fastest growing and most significant market towards 2030 and the “only market” after, when focus begins to transform today’s “time-based” projects towards “result-based” advisory and consultancy work.

“Global sustainable investment now tops $30 trillion—up 68 per cent since 2014  and tenfold since 2004. The acceleration has been driven by heightened  social, governmental, and consumer attention on the broader impact of  corporations, as well as by the investors and executives who realise that a strong ESG proposition can safeguard a company’s long-term  success.” 

Read McKinsey report->

Impactivation can support several global markets:

  • The Responsibly Managed Assets market ~ $22.89 trillion (2015)*
  • The Philanthropy & Donation market ~ $200 billion (2019)*
  • Global overseas development aid ~ £13.4 billion in the UK alone (2016) (OECD)
  • Ideal Impactivation customer profile: Investors, Pension funds, banks, NGO’s and Corporates in the first instance. Once established Impactivation can service a much wider customer base. A proposed business model will mean all clients will be serviced using Impactivation assessors via the Impactivation platform.
  • (*Source: Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA))

The Impact Market

  • Global REDD+ & Rainforest Conservation Projects ~ producing Carbon Credits & Offsets $375 billion by 2030
  • Impact Bonds & Offsets to achieve UN Net Zero Carbon ~ potential market $ 57 trillion by 2050

The B2B2C world of SME, Management and Finance consults, advisors, and sustainability professionals count millions globally, and by implementing the Impactivation System the Impactivation platform will be the ultimate and most competitive way of gaining market traction. Sustainability supply lasting Stability.

The Impactivation Standard – a Climate-Economic System

Impactivation is the professional knowledge of how to avoid and prevent adverse impacts from decision-making, secure and improve financial results and profitability by using available systems and technologies. The Impactivation Standard and Methodology followed the original description of “Nachhaltigkeit”, a German word coined in 1713.  In the book first written the word meant: “To Avoid” and “To Prevent”, describing the social, ecological, and corporate consequences of deforestation.

Impactivation gives added value to words like: “Responsibility, Environmentally, Credibility, Profitability, Predictability and Sustainability” when professional service providers deliver stratedic growth and prosperity to their customers.

Measuring impact using Impactivation Methodology

Impactivation is a concept note for ground-breaking Universal SDG & Impact Rating functioning as “One International Langue”, similar, to the global aviation protocol for border-less trading, finance, payment solutions, decision-making and a support tool for impact-based production and consumption. Impactivation assesses and evaluates the holistic impact on corporate activities analysing their operations, their products, their innovations, and how their ideas profoundly can change our society and how we better use the resources of our planet.

Trust and Confidentiality

Impactivation is a tailored B2B key for corporate members to open the Impactivation Platform, you can close the door behind you and use the Sustainability Simulator with great confidentiality and share only data and knowledge of your choice. Within your private chambers, we offer access to collective business intelligence, an innovative system to assess all levels within highly, complex, operations and predict multifaceted impacts on corporate activity.

Your customer’s Sustainability Rating and Impactivation Standard are only available to you and your customers, you may keep it confidential or use it publicly.

Below the individual and total results of our Impactivation Assessment

The Sustainability Risk Assessment is completed for Autopart LTD, project code is: 44.474. Their ESG and SDG project achieved 86 210 269 SIP scores which is evidence of Sustainability using the Impactivation Methodology

Cirklar-landscape-6 box-01

The Impactivation B2B2C Consult & Advisor Network

  • Business Development, Strategy & Communication Advisors
  • Industrial 4.0 Operation & Maintenance Consults
  • Construction & Engineering Consults
  • Design & Production Industries Consults
  • Agriculture, Fisheries & Food Production Consults
  • Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Consults
  • CSR, ESG & SDG Consults & Advisors
  • Bank & Finance Industry
  • Responsible & Impact Investors

Globally, over 75 million Engineers, Assessors, Advisors and Consults focus on corporate accountability and credibility to protect and to enhance shareholder value by implementing CSR, ESG and SDG in corporate decision-making.

Management Consulting

Advisory focused on strategic decision-making and business plan implementation helping companies fully realise their scalability, new business goals and potentials

Impactivation corporate data modelling formulas use a series of advanced and sophisticated algorithms evaluating and measuring organisations; financial, environmental, human, social, health, safety, and governance performances possible. By meeting the quality requirements, all selectively gathered and measured by our metric token models. Each indicator delivers by our measurement method and simulates risk and profit value on each defined impact-index. 

Capital Advisory

Leading bank institutions, global independent investment, and financial institutions with innovative, unconflicted strategic advice.

By using Blockchain, Neuroscience, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, we have created the Impactivation   Methodology, a financial language ensuring profitable sustainability delivered within the decided solution. A similar “language” as the   International Aviation Protocol, one single system ensuring operational flow and profitability, avoiding disruption, preventing loss,   communicated globally with success.

Risk Advisory

Advisory focused on helping corporations predict and mitigate risks, the insurance cover they need to be associated with geopolitics, safety, and cybersecurity.

Not only have corporate growth been enabled by fiscal impact allocation delivering profitable sustainability, making the 186 UN countries achieve all their 17 Sustainability Development Goals technologically, financially, socially, environmentally and with governance achievable by 2030.


Impactivation is part of a B2B platform available for knowledge partners using the Impactivation Dashboard and Methodology to achieve


We predict economic, environmental and social results from your ideas and activities; and deliver the solutions you need to achieve them.

We developed an analytic equation with SIP metrics to deliver verified Sustainability, to support your work building the future world you like to live in and enjoy what you have accountably achieved.

We offer you an opportunity in life to become an accountable impact leader, and the leadership strategy is: always be in front, leading.



The information provided in this document is for information purposes only. The document and its content are not and should not be deemed to be an invitation to engage in any financial activity. The document should not be construed as advice or a personal recommendation. We are not authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The content of this document is not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA).

Reliance on this document for the purpose of engaging in any financial activity may expose an individual to a significant risk of losing all of the funds. UK residents wishing to participate in this project must fall into the category of sophisticated investor or high net worth individual as outlined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Interested parties can contact us for further details and eventually deal with our FCA authorised and regulated service providers, this document is for informational purposes only, and all contact will be handled with discretion.

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